The Govt. College Satnali have constituted Alumni Association and office bearers of the Alumni Association comprised of Sh. Jarnail Singh, Assistant Professor of English who is working as Convener, Smt. Kamla Devi, Assistant Professor of Economics as Financial Secretary, Mrs. Rekha Shekhawat, Assistant Professor of Hindi is contributing as Secretary and Student Representatives are also selected from all the departments both from the existing batch of students and from the alumni. The college alumni association was constituted on 19/03/2021in the Presence of  alumni committee and Students.The main objective of the Association is to bridge the gap between the college and alumni. They have been responsible for keeping complete track of alumni with their required detail; inform them about the current changes and achievements of the institute. Alumni association meetings take place yearly and future plans are discussed in the meetings. Along with the association meeting annual alumni meet is also organized at the institute level every year. Alumni contribution happens in various non-financial firms such as alumni interaction week, alumni challenge competition. Alumni on our campus for the benefit of the juniors, namely for conducting viva, STP activity, conducting mock personal interviews, discuss business and entrepreneurship opportunities. Alumni visit campus at regular intervals to support the existing batch of students in planning and organizing events, extend support and guidance for the functioning of various students clubs. Alumni who are entrepreneurs have been providing inputs on how to start a new venture and turning them into job providers. This has resulted in two out of four students who have in progress of their revenue streams. Some of the alumni are actively participating in social service combining with creative activities for the welfare of society and they also motivate students to follow their path for the betterment of society. Alumni extend their support for campus placements and summer and winter internships for HR, Finance, and Marketing students from time to time.


  • Sh. Jarnail Singh, Assistant Professor of English,  Convener
  • Dr. Rekha Shekhawat, Assistant Professor of Hindi, Member
  • Sh. Birender Singh, Assistant Professor of Commerce, Member
  • Smt. Shweta, Assistant Professor of Commerce, Member
  • Dr. Ashish, Assistant Professor of Maths, Member